15 Years of Experience

Construction company for trading and contracting

BENAA Trading and Contracting Company(Betco) came into existence since it was just an idea in the minds o Board of Directors to establish Company’s Branch in Saudi Arabia carefully and effectively and to be the best in the field of Construction. Betco brings a host of capabilities to major infrastructure projects through an integrated approach that spans the life cycle of infrastructure to professional & support services”. Today, the company is a leader and a trendsetter in the construction industry, delivering custom-designed turnkey projects to government agencies, large corporations and private bodies.

  1. Ethical business practices
  2. Collaborative and creative work environment
  3. Caring culture towards employees and society
  4. To be a responsible corporate body by committing to enhance.
  5. To provide a climate of transparency, mutuality.
  6. To maximize stakeholder value through continuous adoption.

We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan. quality you deserve and dependability you can count on.

Jessica Mcdade Contractor
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